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About us

AIXTEL was born from the spin-off of the QMSC Department of Studies and Engineering Projects, which, due to its exponential growth, was decided to empower as a new company able to take on other challenge and to meet other market demands. AIXTEL inherited a highly professional team, with about 10 years of experience, cohesive and strongly devoted to achieve ambitious goals. AIXTEL has a highly competitive presence in the market, versatile and innovative, acting in various segments. AIXTEL develops projects according to the needs of its customers, with ethical and professional performance, respecting Clients structure and quality standards.

Our vision

AIXTEL intends to be an organization of reference in its field, ensuring full customer satisfaction, as well as of all stakeholders.

Our values

. Ethics
. Efficiency
. Competence
. Professionalism

. Transparency
. Integrity
. Agility

Our trademark

AIXTEL® brand, was created in order to convey concepts such as partnership and dynamism with a high spirit of cooperation. We intend with this to create a strong presence and recognition in the market, facilitating synergies between our company and our customers.

Some historial data

. More than 2,000,000 HP registered in technical survey.
. Over 1,500,000 HP projected in FTTH technology.
. More than 250,000 HP projected in HFC technologies.
. More than 50,000 HP projected in Copper network.
. Macro-Study of a New FTTH Operator for an African country.
. Launch of survey tools, national and international markets: GEOQS PRO, GEOQS SURVEY, GEOQS INFRA, QPOWER, WORKINFIBER, FIBERCLOUD and QSITES.



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